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Football Visits With Local Students

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PHILADELPHIA – Earlier today, members of the football team took time from their schedules to help students at And Still I Rise I (ASIR) with their homework.

Jared Folks, Gordon Thomas, Khalif Herbin, and Austin Jones visited with the children at ASIR, working alongside them to help learn the amendments of the constitution, states and captials, and how to tell military time.

ASIR was founded by Dr. Krisha Coppedge in May 2013 after she had a vision “to do something for the children.”

ASIR offers before and after school sessions, as well as weekends and summers, where they can have up to 56 kids enrolled. Through ASIR, children have access to personalized tutors, language infusion, help with public speaking, and much more. KMC Empowering Educational Corporation, who sponsors ASIR, also offers their Not Too Late program, which offers classes for adults in the community to earn their GED.

Through all of this, Coppedge feels like she has accomplished so much.

“It feels like new life, a brand new world to me,” said Coppedge. “It’s so wonderful and intriguing. It’s an awesome feeling and makes my time feel very worthwhile.”

Herbin enjoyed the time he spent working with the kids at ASIR and helping them learn and grow as students.

“It was special to be able to visit with the kids,” said Herbin. “They don’t know how privileged they are to have a program like this. I feel like they are inspired by us but really, it’s the opposite.”

Thomas, a Philadelphia native agreed with Herbin, noting that ASIR would be a stepping stone in the children’s education, as well as a way to stay out of trouble.

“This is something that will put them ahead of other students when they get to higher grade levels because they’ll be more prepared,” said Thomas. “It also keeps them off the streets. Even though they’re young, it keeps them busy through education.”

Coppedge was thankful that the players came to spend time with the children at ASIR, hoping that it will open their eyes to what they can work toward in the future.

“The players visiting added a new spin to the children’s way of thinking about education,” said Coppedge. “It is proof that they too are achievers and my motivation is built on love first and the care and concern of the children.”

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