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ASIR at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Yesterday was a beautiful day spent with our students at the Flower Show. It was amazing to see the smiles and excitement our students had when they entered the main room of the Flower Show. Some of our students did not want to go (particularly our boys), but what warmed my heart and made the trip worth it was when we arrived and they saw so much beauty in gardening and flowers, how they began asking so many questions. It was amazing! A shocker was when it was time to leave, the boys wanted to go back to the main room to look at more flowers exhibits. They really didn’t want to leave, instead, they wanted to stay until the very end.

There were many WOW and AHA moments with these students, but the highlight was when one of the young boys suddenly had the urge to buy something special to take back home to his mother. He wanted to buy her some beautiful flowers! I wish you could have seen the big smile on his face when he purchased those flowers. Usually boys don’t like taking lots of pictures, but this day, they all just wanted the camera to be on them. They wanted everyone to know they where at the Flower Show and that they had a blast!!! What a lovely educational day well spent with our youth! God Bless ASIR!!! Enjoy the photos and go to our website next week to see many many more photos of our students enjoying themselves at the Philadelphia Flower Show.