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Home Economics

Well last night was Home Economics night at the Center. Mrs. Folly lead the session in sewing. The objective was to teach the students how to safely thread a needle and then tie the not. THEY ALL GOT IT! It was amazing to see. Today, I am proud to say that everyone of our students learned how to sew buttons on children’s school shirts. It was all amazing, but what was most amazing was when I learned that there was one student who was absolutely terrified of needles. This student left the activities room until I called him back in. When he came back I could see the terror of being nipped by the needle. Long story short this student overcame his fears of needles and ended up sewing 6 buttons on a boys school shirt PERFECTLY! I had to pull out Mr. Strategy and it worked. Children are amazing and can and will show you amazing things if only given an opportunity! I love these students so much and they love us so much. Check out the students in action: