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Meet Our Board Of Directors

Landis OsborneLandis Osborne, MT, MHS, CCRA (ACRP), Vice President: Is a Sr. Clinical Research Associate for a major pharmaceutical company.  He works in the area of Research & Development, developing new drugs that range from simple urinary tract infection to HIV/AIDS and Cancer.  He received his BS from Georgia Southern in Medical Technology, an Infectious Diseases specialty certification from the Medical College of PA, and a Master’s in Psychosocial Psychology from Lincoln Univ.  He recently completed his Research Nurse Practitioner’s certification for ACRP.  Mr. Osborne also has a parallel career in the musical and visual arts.  He is currently the Chief Judge of the World Class Judging Association, Proprietor of Private Affairs-entertainment services, and Assistant Director of the world renowned Light Brigade Performance Ensemble, the WGI European Champions.
Mr. Osborne is a Clinician, Scientist, Musician, Choreographer, Designer, Mixologist and Lighting Tech.

GWENDOLYNGwendolyn C. Dean, Secretary/Treasurer:  A Philadelphia native, grew up and graduated from Germantown High School in 1975.  Gwendolyn is a licensed insurance agent and has worked at BB Miller and Company for twenty two years.

Currently, Gwendolyn serves in the capacity of Youth Pastor, at the Church of The Living God, The Pillar & Ground of The Truth, Which He Purchased With His Own Blood.  Gwendolyn loves working in the House of the Lord motivating, inspiring, and encouraging the youth.  He favorite scripture is: “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER (Isiah, 54:17).

Currently, she resides in Carteret, New Jersey with her husband and three children.

Pastor James R. IMG_4958Edlow Sr. is married to Sis. Genevieve C. Edlow. They are blessed with two sons; James Jr. and Jerome. Rev. Edlow is a native of Philadelphia PA, where he received his early religious and educational training. Rev. Edlow holds two Bachelor of Science Degrees from Carion University (formerly Philadelphia Biblical University) in Langhorne PA, in Pastoral and Bible Studies. He has continued his studies at The Lutheran Seminary of Philadelphia, The Graduate School of Lancaster Bible College, and is currently a Master of Divinity Candidate at the Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield PA, concentrating in the discipline of Urban Missiology. Reverend Edlow has distinguished himself through the use of various gifts, talents, and ministries. Broadly these involve preaching, teaching, and music ministry. Denominationally, Rev. Edlow is a past moderator, and regional vice president for the Pennsylvania State Baptist convention. He has held the position of association lecturer for the Central Baptist Association, as well as lecturer for the PA State Baptist Convention. He enjoys being an instructor of youth on a convention level, a ministry he has enjoyed for almost twenty years as an instructor with the Congress of Christian Education. However, his main gift to the body of Christ has been in the area of Pastoral ministry. He is the former Pastor of The Historic Zion Baptist Church of Reading PA, where he served faithfully for fourteen years. During this time the church saw strong numerical growth, but also delighted in its spiritual journey toward maturity. The church also embarked on a million dollar plus rebuilding program after a devastating fire. Community in-reach, evangelism, and teaching became hallmarks of this era.

Currently, Reverend Edlow is Pastor of the Faith Fellowship Baptist Church of Philadelphia PA, where he has served since 2004. He continues the churches strong history of Biblical teaching, preaching, and missions, flowing from the church’s founder, Dr. John Price, and former Pastor, Dr. William L. Banks. As a result, there is vigorous growth, and a positive reputation in the community. Rev. Edlow believes the mission of the Church is to make disciples! This task takes on unique challenges in a postmodern environment. As the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and power, we are people on an intentional mission, to engage in liberating ministry, and not working to merely maintain ecclesiastical constructs.

Michele EdwardsMichele Edwards, ASN & BSN is a native of the North Philadelphia region.  She graduated from Simon Gratz High School in 1979.  Michelle graduated with her Associate of Science in Nursing Degree in 1991; and in 1998, received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Drexel University.

Over the years, Michele has served the community in the following positions as:  Chief Executive Officer of an Educational Institute: MSTB Nursing Assistant School.

She was the Property Manager over her real estate, and later became a Special Team Developer who focused on leadership and passion for people.  Currently, Michelle works at a Health Care Institute as a Nursing Supervisor.