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Monocacy Elementary school in MD, donate books to ASIR

Recently, ASIR was blessed to have received a gift of over 300 books from the Monocacy Elementary School in Frederick, Maryland.  It was amazing to see how our students lit up with so much joy and excitement when they learned that we had received more books.  These books were like new!  They were just as enthusiastic to read them as well.  I mean these books were well cared for and they inspired our students to want to read a different book almost everyday this week.  Just look at these happy faces below! I just love seeing our students happy and most of all, thankful for everything they receive through the ASIR Program.  So, to Ms. Nauman & Mrs. Greene, THANK YOU! for donating such wonderful, exciting, and educational learning books to our after-school, weekend, and summer program for our students.  They have over this past year: “TRANSFORMED THE WAY THEY THINK ABOUT THEIR EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY…THEY ARE ACHIEVERS!” They know this and they truly believe it, and it show’s in their eagerness to read!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!