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Temple Owls Visit ASIR on April 9,2015

A BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Scott Wallace and the Temple Owls for visiting ASIR today! Our students had an amazing, exciting, and educational day with the Coach and the Football Players. They were eager and anxious to showcase what they have learned, thus far throughout their academic journey within the ASIR Program. Some of our students recited the Preamble, others recited the Fifty States and Fifty Capitals, some recited up to 10 of the 27 Constitutional Amendments, and some recited the 44 Presidents of the United States of America. Ohhhhh, how exciting it was in this place! One student read a book and he was thrilled to have overcome his fears of reading and speaking in front of his peers and a crowd. GO FREDDIE!!!

After every student showcased there learning through the ASIR Program, pom-poms went up and loud cheers were displayed among the students for their peers. So much joy and so much happiness prevailed throughout this place! Here we teach our students to support one another, why? because we are our sisters and brothers keeper! Afterwards each member of the football team had the opportunity to emphasize the importance of education and how sports and education go hand and hand. One must be able to read, write, spell, and do math in order to be a great sports player. It was incredible listening to the team players who are such wonderful role models, and who are doing so well in their academic pursuit themselves. The students had lots of questions for the aspiring team. Again, we say thank you to Mr. Wallace and his GREAT TEAM, the TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OWLS!!! GO OWLS!